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Jenny and Arne's Natives in the garden

Here is a list of native plants suitable for Upper Clutha gardens. These plants host many insects and native bees.

Tree daisies - Olearia lineata, Olearia odorata, Olearia fragrantissima

These amazing plants grow naturally in our area. Their flowers are small but they make up for it in fragrance - peach/passionfruit notes. Easy to grow. Height 3-4m

Coprosmas - mingi mingi - Coprosma propinqua, Coprosma crassifolia, Coprosma rugosa Really hardy shrubs height 1-2m. Birds like to nest in the dense foliage. They produce blue/white/yellow fruits (drupes) for birds in autumn.

Native brooms - Carmichaelia petrei, Carmichaelia stevensonii (not local but a beautiful accent plant to feature). Both of these brooms have beautiful lilac flowers in late spring/summer.

Kanuka - Kunzea serotina - iconic Upper Clutha tree.

Kowhai - Sophora microphylla (SI Kowhai) - if you want to attract bellbirds and tuis to your garden plant a grove. Make sure you plant the South Island kowhai which grows best here. Trees can be thinned and form-pruned to suit your space. The leaves can eaten by caterpillars but they grow back.

Cabbage trees - Cordyline australis. Late spring you will notice the huge flower clusters emerge from the strappy leaves. Then you will be overcome with the gorgeous perfume. Best planted away from lawns so that fallen leaves aren't a problem for the mower.

Grevillea victoriae - not a native of NZ but Australia - red flowers highly recommended for birds, especially silver eyes. Height 1.5-2m

It is not necessary to plant large-grade plants - smaller plants sometimes catch up as they adjust more easily to planting shock. Water any new plantings whether it be shrubs or food plants with a seaweed tonic to encourage resilience.

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